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 My Speculation

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PostSubject: My Speculation   Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:23 am

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y have made me ponder on the new generation. These are my speculations and rumors I have heard.

My Speculations

  • I think there could be something relating to DNA considering X and Y are chromosomes.
    Possibly even new ways or enhancements on breeding Pokémon.
    Eevee has been the center or attention and since Eevee is the Evolution (genetics) Pokémon, I suspect more eeveelutions or at least relate them to the story of the game.
    I also believe that the new generation will be based off of Paris, France due to Pikachu being at the top of the Eiffel Tower.
    Also there is a Tower type landmark in one of the towns as shown in the trailer, yet this could be based off any tower like the Toyko Tower or even the Seattle Needle but my bets are on the Eiffel Tower.
    Then the creater of Pokémon has recently went France.
    The next game could be Pokémon Z, I highly doubt it would be Pokémon X2, Pokémon Y2, Pokémon XX, or even Pokémon XY. Since both legendaries have either X or Y, that sort of proves that there has to be a Z for the trio.
    I think Player customization will possibly be put in considering that Trainer X(?) was in front of a mirror in the beginning of the trailer and the only times I have ever seen that is in customization (Like Fantasy Life, or Sims).

Rumors - Other Speculations

  • I have heard that Xerneas is based off a nueron and Yvalltal is based off of muscle tissue and Pokémon Z will be based of endodermal tissue (i.e. lungs, kidneys, stomach, liver)


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My Speculation
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