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 Hi There! Im new :D

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Danger52 X


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PostSubject: Hi There! Im new :D   Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:10 am

Hi there. The names Danger (my real name too lol) My favorite color is black (random). My favorite types are Dark and Ghost pokemon.

Top 6 Fav Pokemon:
2.Arceus (Dread or Spooky plates)

My battle style is a bit weird but i make it work. Im a wiz when it comes to Gen V amd sorta in Gen IV. However im only slightly above average in knowledge over gen I-III. Im always up for battles and i wouldn't mind trades. Im a bit nice, so most of the times i'll make trades, and only ask for something like a magikarp, or Patrat in return for the favor. Im always up for making new friends and helping out so i dont want anyone to be a stranger.

My FC: 5157-3592-4465
Also, if i get an Admin's permission, i would like to post all the EV hotspots and Pokemon, including what type of EV's you receive and how many you get for each pokemon. Thx for reading and hopefully i'll make a few new friends Very Happy
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Hi There! Im new :D
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