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 Jubilee's Dojo

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PostSubject: Jubilee's Dojo   Sun May 15, 2011 2:11 am

Welcome to my fighting dojo! Can you handle the force of my muscular pokemon? You will understand why fighting types are the best after you fight my gym and lose. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha -cough- uhh... -cough- Oh gosh, where's the ricola? Oh yea, good luck.

Battle Format:

Lv. 100

No Restrictions


Generic Rules [Clauses]:

(I am assuming you know these clauses, so i will not be explaining them)

Sleep Clause

Item Clause

Super Effective Clause

Hax Clause

OHKO Clause

Self KO Clause

Special Gym Rules:

One 600 Stat Pokemon Allowed

It will be appreciated if you cover your top screen to respect the element of surprise. I will be doing the same. Thank you!

Only 1 Dream World Ability Allowed

Special Rules:

No Whining!

No Disconnecting!

Have Fun!

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Jubilee's Dojo
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